Become Stronger And Protect Yourself From Injury

Less Than 3 hours of strength and mobility exercises weekly will not only improve your speed, but your overall riding experience.  More power, more endurance, less aches and pains.

The Dialed Health Method

(Built By 10+ Years Of Professional Racing and 5+ Years of Professional Training)

Two(One Hour) Total Body Strength Training Sessions Per Week

1-2 (20-40 Min) Stretching/Mobility Routines Per Week

Specific Riding Recommendations and Strategy

Nutrition Coaching For Desired Goal

Accountability and Motivation


Never Second Guess Your Program

Allow me to take the guesswork out of your training.  Use your energy for execution and consistency.



Brice Shirbach

What Derek and his company, Dialed Health, have been able to provide me with is a regimented, effective, and engaging online health and wellness program that is easy to follow, and fun to work through. Derek's passion for helping athletes become fitter and healthier versions of themselves is very clear, and the results are evident shortly after the program begins. My job as a media athlete makes for intense and busy travel schedules, and requires me to bring my 'A-game' physically and mentally every single place I go, and left to my own devices I struggled with keeping up a wellness routine that didn't leave me feeling battered and bruised. Derek listened to me describe my goals and the challenges I face trying to meet them, and has developed an amazing program accordingly. Dialed Health has been one of the single best choices I've made professionally in a very long time.

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